1:1 CEO Coaching

CEO coaching fast-tracks your transition from founder to thriving CEO

CEO coaching helps you develop as a leader ahead of the growth of your company

At the start, your mission is clear. It’s all hands on deck to get product-market fit. It’s a flat organisation with no real managing or leading required. Everyone knows what each other is doing and what’s going on.

But beyond a certain point, things begin to break: demands on your time grow, communications break down, there are cofounder fallouts, original team members hark back to the old days, and good people leave.

Before you know it, you realise your company lacks the leadership, processes, and systems it needs to survive.

Founders succeed as CEOs when they evolve to match their company’s needs.

CEO coaching helps you become the dynamic leader your company needs through every stage of its growth.

CEO coaching helps you find the time to lead

As your company scales, people will ask more and more for your time.

You get caught up in back-to-back meetings, working ‘in’ the business but not ‘on’ the business. You’re busy and reactive, but you’re not using your time in the most impactful way.

CEO coaching will help you learn that managing your energy is as important as managing your time. You’ll figure out your top priorities and drop some roles you enjoy (and are good at). You’ll learn how to delegate skillfully and master the art of saying no.

You’ll create some space where you can process what’s happening, reflect, and strategise.

You’ll learn to manage yourself more effectively.

CEO coaching helps you learn new skills and behaviours

The role of a CEO is getting harder. We are in a volatile, complex and fast-changing world. And the failure rate of start ups is high.

With so much to do, and so little time, it can feel overwhelming. The good news: leaders aren’t born. They’re made.

Great CEOs seek to grow even when there’s so much going on. They know that if they don’t, they’ll limit their company’s growth.

CEO coaching helps you figure out what skills you need at every stage of your company’s growth, what you need to improve and when, and help you design and implement a comprehensive learning plan.

Your CEO Coach will be your accountability partner as you put your learning into practice.

CEO coaching helps you make better decisions

Success, however you measure it, comes down to the quality of your decisions.

As a CEO, you have to make an inordinate number of decisions each day.

When was the last time you thought about how you make decisions? Which decisions should you continue to make quickly, relying on your gut instinct? Which decisions should you make more slowly based on data?

Robust decision making isn’t a skill we’re born with: it’s a skill to learn through practice. CEO coaching creates the space for you to get clear on complex and impactful matters and to learn the sub-skills of becoming a better decision-maker.

Become the leader you want to be, and your company needs through CEO coaching.