Mark Farrer-Brown, Venture Capitalist turned CEO Coach.

Coaching ambitious CEOs to scale successfully and sustainably

I’m Mark, a Founder Coach for scaling CEOs and start-ups.

I’m Mark, a Founder Coach for scaling CEOs and start-ups. I’ve been called ‘the Swiss army knife of guidance, support, and empowerment’, and I’ve spent my last two decades as an angel investor, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, business mentor and coach for high-growth companies.

I firmly believe that great CEOs aren’t born. They’re made.

My experiences across the entrepreneurial ecosystem give me a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed.

Entrepreneurs are the real innovators and a force for good

You solve big and small problems. You make life better for all of us and create meaningful jobs where people can thrive.

In venture capital, the growth of the business was always the prime concern, not the development of those leading it.

From the start, I realised that scale-up success was primarily about people. Entrepreneurs build great companies, not VCs.

No scaleup CEO should have to go it alone

Starting and scaling a business are two vastly different things. As you scale things get harder. 

When your business is faced with multiple existential threats (and there will be many), you must rise to the challenge.

You need the support, skills, and tools to keep a step ahead of the growth of your company.

CEO coaching is about creating a calm, safe place where you can really talk about fears and weaknesses with total confidence that what’s said in the room stays there. It’s about taking yourself out of the day-to-day frenzy to make space to reflect and strategise. It’s about getting into an open state of mind where you learn about yourself as well as new skills and behaviours.

A commitment to CEO coaching is not a selfish act. It’s a commitment to your team members and your business.

My promise to you: success that’s sustainable

The right coach shows you what will be required of you in 12-24 months, so you can plot the course to get where you need to be.

When I coach CEOs, I come with two hats – the hard one (the Venture Capitalist) and the soft one (the Founder CEO Coach). Together, they’re a winning combination to add real value to your business.

Let’s create results that benefit you and your company