Advisory Board Member

Adding value over the long-term to you and your business

The scale up journey is hard. It can be very lonely, and you must navigate many changes and transitions to succeed sustainably.

Very few companies get to £1m turnover let alone £10m and beyond.

You need all the help you can get.

Advisory Boards, when done properly, can be your secret weapon. They give you access to expert advice you’re unlikely to source in a more formal capacity.

With your advisory board member, you have the freedom to curate the relationships you need in the areas most impactful for you.

Added value across the board

Clients have told me they’re surprised by the breadth and depth of my knowledge. My mantra is evolving good practice rather than best practice. I’m a lifelong learner who listens far and wide for new examples I can share with my clients.

As your advisor, I offer you the added value of:

  • 1:1 leadership coaching to you
  • 1:1 leadership coaching to your senior team
  • In-house coaching for all members of staff
  • Workshops on team effectiveness, how to manage your direct reports, and how to maximise performance through feedback
  • Advice on maximising your exit value and how to run a sales process
  • Introductions to my extensive network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, and service providers
  • Guiding you through a fundraising process
  • Helping you to source great talent
  • Fresh and creative thinking
  • Helping you make better decisions when it really matters
  • Deep diving into your strategy
  • My flywheel of knowledge from Founder CEOs I coach and the scale ups I invest in (over 60 directly and indirectly).

Build productive, deep relationships

I enjoy developing deep relationships over time. Watching others grow and succeed is why I get out of bed each day.

We’ll create a safe place to talk, and all our conversations are confidential.

Clients and colleagues tell me I’m a likeable, wise person to have alongside. I can offer you out-of-the-box thinking and positive energy. I’ll support you but won’t always agree with you. I’ll have your back but challenge you to do better and, ultimately, help you succeed.

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