Facilitated Workshops

Bespoke facilitated workshops on strategy setting, designing your culture, and team-building empowers your company to scale with a sense of shared ownership

Expert, external facilitation

It’s hard to facilitate and be part of the discussion, particularly on the biggest challenges your company is facing. It makes sense to run a facilitated workshop with an external, impartial facilitator to focus your attention where you add the most value: collaboration and participation.

Fit To Lead’s CEO coaching in the UK uses advanced facilitation and coaching methodologies to help you accomplish more in less time. We create a safe environment that encourages creativity and co-creation and ensures all voices are heard.

Strategy setting workshop

To increase the odds of succeeding as a scale up, you must be strategic and move fast. You can be both by making deliberate choices about how to win in the marketplace you’re playing. If you don’t, your competitors will.

In this facilitated workshop, our expert facilitators use the 5 Key Strategy Questions Canvas to:

  • ask the hard questions you’d otherwise avoid
  • challenge you to articulate your competitive advantages
  • make tough decisions about what to do, and
  • decide where to focus your precious resources and energy.

Creating your company culture workshop

Many companies wish for a better culture without understanding their present reality. Or they want to improve their culture without a clear vision of where they want to take it.

In this facilitated workshop, our expert facilitators help you explore your current culture, the good, the bad, and the surprising!

You’ll have open discussions about which parts of your culture you want to keep, evolve, and change so you can purposefully design a new culture built for long-term success.

Team building workshop

Team performance is key to your company’s success. Teams have so much more potential than individuals to rise to the challenges that face all companies.

In this facilitated workshop, our expert facilitators support your team to understand each other better, develop skills to interact more effectively, create more open communication, and identify each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

For longer-term development support, consider combining a facilitated workshop with team coaching.

Bespoke workshops

Are you looking for help with a complex issue but don’t see a workshop that suits your needs?

Talk to us. We provide unique blend of founder coaching and mentoring services. Our expert facilitators and CEO advisory board will design a bespoke workshop around your brief and requirements.