Founder CEO Coaching

CEO coaching fast-tracks your transition from founder to thriving CEO. It’s a commitment to yourself, your team, and your company.

The problems you face as a founder CEO

The path you’ve chosen is hard. As you scale up, cracks will appear.

Despite your best efforts, old problems re-emerge, and new ones keep coming. You feel lonely, overwhelmed and begin to question many things.

CEO coaching helps you focus on the challenges that really matter and get to the root cause of problems to figure out the best solutions.

How I help

1:1 Coaching

Founder CEO coaching in action

A coaching relationship is a special one. A coaching conversation is unique. Vulnerability is shared. We build trust and confidence quickly to get to the nub of the problem. I’ll help you navigate the rollercoaster entrepreneurial ride.

It’s called executive or CEO coaching, but I coach the ‘whole’ person – professional and personal. You can’t separate the two.

It won’t always be comfortable, but it will be blended with heart, enthusiasm and positive energy.

I’ll help you bring the future into the present: I’ve seen many obstacles you face before. I’ll help you make the changes before you hit the wall.

Once you see what a great coach can do to help you grow, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one earlier.

Team Coaching

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The quality of your executive team is one of the key factors to growing a business successfully. Teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Team coaching with Fit to Lead will help you:

  1. Understand what’s helping and hindering you in achieving your company’s purpose
  2. Significantly improve collaboration, decision-making and other drivers of team success
  3. Help the team develop their collective capacities so they can continually adapt and add greater value.

Facilitated Workshops

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From creating and clarifying your strategy, designing a healthy company culture, or building relationships within your team, we can deliver empowering and collaborative sessions which help you achieve your goals.

We’ll help you accomplish more in less time, ensure everyone is heard, and co-create, sometimes surprising, solutions.

Advisory Board Member

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It’s lonely at the top. You can get very isolated as a CEO, where you get little feedback of any use. It’s a dangerous situation to be in and can have disastrous consequences.

Your advice network can be your unfair advantage.

Founders are more likely to succeed if they cultivate an advisory team around them with their best interests at heart. A network of trusted advisors giving honest feedback and sharing expertise in areas you don’t have.

As a coach and a venture capitalist, I’ve lived all the stages of a company’s life cycle: from seed to scale to maturity. I can give you generic and specific advice on topics ranging from maximising the value of your business (the hard stuff) to how to maximise your leadership team’s potential and managing your own psychology (the soft stuff).

For VC investors: Founder team due diligence

Man sat at a table in front on a laptop computer, talking with colleagues

Assessing how people will perform in the future will always be difficult. But relying on ‘gut feel’ and a few references leaves too much to chance. After all, business is a human endeavour.

We are all biased. Typically as we get more experienced, we think we get better at assessing people’s potential. The research suggests otherwise.

Fit to Lead has curated a methodology including psychological assessments, which will give you data and a level of objectivity to help you make better investment decisions.

And if you do decide to invest, the work we do will lay the foundations to accelerate the development of the leadership team, identify gaps to be filled, and pre-empt people problems – generating better financial returns for all stakeholders.

Finding the right ‘fit’

Those who most benefit from CEO coaching are founder CEOs who:

  • Are purpose-driven and seek sustainable success
  • Understand that people are most important to your success
  • Are humble, willing to be vulnerable, and have a strong desire to learn

And businesses that:

  • Are high growth and scaling fast
  • Have revenue of £1m+
  • Have raised £1m+ in funding
  • Are scaling their team (and have at least 10 team members)
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CEO coaching credentials

  • Graduate of Meyler Campbell’s Mastered Coaching Programme (accredited by the Association of Coaching)
  • Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach (GTCI)
  • Certified Practitioner in Hogan Assessments, Myers Briggs, Motivational Maps and Strengths Profile
  • Fellow of Harvard Medical School’s Institute of Coaching

Entrepreneurial experience

  • Raised billions in private equity, venture capital, angel and debt funding
  • 70+ investments in later stage and start up businesses across the UK, US, and India
  • Exited successfully from 20+ businesses
  • 25 years’ experience in the entrepreneurial space as a founder, investor, director, advisor, mentor and coach
  • Founder of various businesses in the UK and India

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