Founder team due diligence

Ensure your management due diligence decisions are fair and stand up to scrutiny

Make better investment decisions

With millions at stake, your management due diligence decisions must be informed, robust, and backed by evidence. Your investors and prospective investees deserve more than ‘a gut feeling’.

VCs that consistently make better investment decisions understand what makes a great founding team and how to get the information they need.

With over two decades of experience of what a great founder and founder team looks like, I’d love to help you get ahead.

Our process means robust decisions in less time

Our management due diligence process ensures you can make consistent, robust decisions on a founding team’s competencies, limitations, and cultural fit – in less time and with fewer in-house resources.

You’ll gain a deeper sense of each founding team member and a high-level understanding of how they work together.

Our process includes:

  • In-depth interviews with each member of the founding team
  • Psychometric assessments which give you data to better predict future founder performance
  • 360° feedback interviews with wider team members
  • Team questionnaires to assess how well the whole team is performing

Once our assessment is complete, we present our findings, recommendations, and next steps, laying the foundations for the leadership team’s professional development plan (if you decide to invest).

Founding team assessments are a positive experience for all parties

Due diligence can be an unfamiliar experience for founding teams.

We keep things as simple and streamlined as possible to ensure a painless, positive experience for everyone.