Vision, Purpose, Mission & Values



All profit-only focused entrepreneurs become purpose-led and socially focused entrepreneurs, looking to add value for their team members, company, customers, wider community, and planet.


To ignite the spark of entrepreneurs around the globe so they can solve the important problems and generate meaningful jobs for all to flourish.


My mission is to ignite the spark of one million entrepreneurs who go on to ignite the spark of hundred million more.

Values & Beliefs

Energy – I believe in the power of positive energy to help yourself and others

Focus – I aim to be fully present and engaged in what I am doing right now. I am not going to be looking over your shoulder when I am engaging with you (partly because I’m too short!)

Do it your way – celebrate your uniqueness

Caring – Your success, however you define it, matters to me but I want you do it in a compassionate and sustainable way

Curiosity – My quest to learn and to share my learning feels unlimited

Humour – Make people smile and laugh

And work in progress!

Kindness to myself – I would like to be a better friend to myself

Patience – I’m learning to not always push so hard and to let things play out more naturally

And a bit more on who I like to work with

Ideally I work with purpose-led Founder CEOs but I appreciate not all businesses are solving big social problems. Purpose-led for me is also about doing the right thing with your colleagues, customers, suppliers and wider community. Examples being, sharing the upside with your colleagues or creating a values-based culture where all can thrive. It winds me up when organisations say they are not breaking any laws, let’s say in relation to paying tax, and conveniently forget about or ignore what is morally the right thing to do.

And if you are one of the lucky ones to make a large financial gain, purposely putting something back to help others rather than flashing the cash for your own benefit only, then you are my kind of entrepreneur.

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