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Turn your leadership team into your competitive advantage

Scaling A Company Is a Team Sport

It’s simple, you can’t build a great company without the right people in the right seats. And when you have the right people you need to turn them into a high performing team – teams deliver superior results to individuals. A top performing team is the difference between business success and failure.

High performing teams = competitive advantage

Cohesive leadership teams are 2x as likely to achieve above average financial performance

McKinsey research show productivity increases 5x when executives are working in a high performing team

92% of leaders say teamwork is critical for success

But so often teams underperform

The IQs of team members may average 130, but the team acts like it as a collective IQ of 85.

Too often you see dysfunctions where …

  • Conflict is avoided
  • Cliques are formed
  • Blame is commonplace
  • Expectations are unclear
  • Roles are fuzzy
  • Learning and reflection is minimal
  • The most talented are not always the most effective team players

Too much responsibility falls on the team leader

Elite teams have coaches, mentors and an array of experts but for startups and scale ups the responsibility falls with you, the team leader. And that’s where the challenge lies.

Most founders don’t have the know-how or capabilities to build a truly high performing team. Every CEO need to scale up leadership through founder coaching.

So How Do You Create A Winning Team

Whether you are fixing a dysfunctional team or transforming a good team into a great team, we have created The Winning Team Framework to help you do it.

The Winning Team Framework has seven key characteristics of a high-performing team.

Winning teams infographic

Right People In The Right Seats At The Right Time

Finding the right people is one of the hardest nuts to crack but it is critical to your success. Rigorous hiring processes need to be developed which promote diversity rather than homogeneity. An understanding of what skills you need at each stage of the growth of your business is also key. Accelerating team awareness of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses is how you get people in the right seats. Clarity of roles and expectations will then take your team to the next level.

Team Charter – The Why, The How and The What

The Team Charter is the essence of the team, its culture and identity. At the centre of the Team Charter is the team’s purpose – a statement of why the team exists. As well the ‘why’ the Team Charter includes the ‘how’ i.e how they work together as a team – the team values, norms, behaviours, and rituals. And then the ‘what’ – the team goals which also take into account the needs of all stakeholders.

Psychological Safety

Without psychological safety your team will not become a winning team – it’s fundamental to your success but so rare. A team with high psychological safety feels confident that no one will punish or embarrass them for offering a new idea, admitting an error, challenging a point of view or asking a question.

Flourishing Relationships

The quality of the interpersonal relationships will be key to a team’s success. Team members don’t need to be best friends but there needs to be respect for each other’s capabilities and connection at a human level. Knowing yourself, your impact on others, and how you are perceived will be key to developing strong relationships. A willingness to address tricky issues early is a good sign. All great teams know relationships need to be worked at.

Flexible And Distributed Leadership

Every team is unique in its make-up and dynamics. Different teams will require different types of leadership. We will help leaders discover how their leadership is boosting or hindering performance. We will facilitate discussions about the advantages of distributed leadership i.e. where everyone is expected to lead and encourage teamwork. The goal of our CEO coaching in the UK is for the team leader to become the team coach.

Ways Of Working

The team needs to invest time in setting up the best systems and processes to facilitate how the work gets done. The main ways teams get the work done is through: decision-making, meetings, facilitated workshops, collaboration and measurement. The implicit needs to be explicit.

On-Going Learning

Learning needs to have equal status as doing. The aim is to create purposeful, conscious learning which is directly related to the team’s purpose. Where team members feel responsible in developing themselves and each other. And there is a constant exchange of learning and feedback between team members.

How Can We Help You To Create A Winning Team

Team Workshops

  • We create interactive and experiential workshops to meet the specific needs of the team and the company
  • Our workshops are a highly cost-effective way of enhancing team performance and development
  • We use high-level facilitation and coaching skills to create a dynamic and stimulating learning environment
  • Resulting in agreed, achievable and measurable individual and team action plans and outcomes

Team Coaching and Training

Our bespoke approach is created within a 4-step framework.

Step 1

Team Health Check

  • Interviews 1:1 team members and stakeholders
  • Complete team questionnaire
  • Debrief of findings

Step 2

Programme Design

  • Co-create team coaching journey

Step 3


  • Series of workshops focused on moving team from current state to desired state
  • Content centred around “The Winning Team Framework”

Step 4

Assess and Evaluate

  • Assess and evaluate at mid-point, end-point, and 3-12 months after end of coaching programme

Benefits Of A Fit To Lead Team Workshop Day

Creation of Team Charter

Clarity and Alignment on Purpose, Goals and Roles

Better Understanding of Team Strengths and Blind Spots

Higher Quality Communication

Feedback Rich Environment

How to Build a Psychologically Safe Environment

Benefits Of Team Coaching With Fit to Lead

Higher Quality Decisions

Skilful Management of Conflict

Flourishing Relationships

Conscious Learning Environment

More Value Add and Focus on Results

A Team Which Coaches Itself

What You Get From The Fit To Lead Coaching Team

Experienced coaches with diverse backgrounds who have come together to ignite the spark of teams around the world.

The diversity of our experiences, expertise and skills means we add value beyond the sum of our parts. Identify the founders’ superpowers through due diligence process. As a team we bring:

  • Global Business and High-Growth Scale Up Experience
  • Founder and Exit Success
  • Leadership Expertise
  • Entrepreneurial Energy
  • Technical Wisdom
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Knowledge

Fit To Lead’s coaches have worked with CEOs and teams backed by top venture funds

Logos of top venture funds Fit to Lead works with

Fit to Lead’s coaches have worked with global and high-growth scale ups

Logos of global and high-growth scale ups Fit To Lead have worked with

Who we are

Together with myself, Mark Farrer-Brown, we’ll hand-pick a co-coach from Fit to Lead’s extensive network of high-quality coaches.

We’ll select the right co-coaching team for your team’s needs.

Two members of Mark’s collective of coaches are:

Anu Arora

Anu Arora

Anu is known as an “Ignite Coach” for her eclectic and catalytic style. She has spent over 16 years working as a leader and engineer at a Fortune 50 company leading multinational teams across the globe.

Anu has been an executive and team coach for the last 10 years leading teams and individuals to identify core issues, make the complex simple, and move past their blocks to create transformational results.

Richard Hughes Jones

Richard Hughes Jones

An Executive Coach who helps leaders navigate business & personal growth in a complex world. He’s a trusted partner to founders and executives in high-growth businesses and the investment industry.

Blooded by a decade’s experience as a Deloitte management consultant and HM Treasury civil servant, Richard has been working with startup and scaleup founders and teams for the last 8 years. He focuses on business growth, levelling up as a leader and personal mastery.

What others have said about us

Mark is a gifted individual. He brings experience, perspective and humanity to every conversation. A brilliant listener Mark will help you find your own path and purpose, and give you practical tools and tips to make management and life even more rewarding.

Luke Kennedy

Founder & CEO, Fable Data

My coaching sessions challenge me to build my own capabilities for solving both strategic and day-to-day problems. Richard has an innate ability to ask the right questions at the right times… his empathy and humour create an environment where you feel comfortable being vulnerable and self-aware. 

Ed Gomez

Co-founder, Emitwise

Anu through her coaching and laser focus helped us change our  hearts and minds.  We learned to  focus, and now we have tools that will enable us to continue on this journey to improve. As our behaviours become less antagonistic, more helpful, more focused, on-time delivery will continue to improve, people will enjoy work, and the future potential is unlimited. 

Senior Director

Department of Defense, United States

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